Of all the mountains in all the world, Cherry picks Kilimanjaro - the tallest- in her bid to support menigitis research

Cherry Cooke

Cherry Cooke - Credit: Archant

Cherry Cooke, 19, of Chatteris, has set herself the ultimate challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September to raise money for Meningitis Research Foundation.

Cherry is hoping to raise £2,990 for Meningitis Research Foundation by completing the six day trek. The trek is run by Choose a Challenge who creates tailor made adventures for students.

Cherry who is studying social psychology at Loughborough said: “It has been a huge privilege for me to represent the foundation this year.

“I am so excited at the prospect of reaching the ‘roof of Africa’ for this amazing charity. The work the foundation does is incredible and I’m delighted that I can play a part in helping them strive towards a meningitis free world.”

Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, Africa, is the tallest free standing mountain in the world and stands at 5,895m. Kibo, the snow-capped peak, is one of the most recognisable sights in the world of adventure and it is a huge challenge for those who are prepared to tackle the landscape and the altitude to reach the summit.

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To sponsor Cherry you can visit their online fundraising page: https://www.justgiving.com/Cherry-Cooke/

Anyone who would like further information on taking part in challenge events for MRF in 2015 should contact Tom DeFraine on 01454 280413, or tomdf@meningitis.org

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Donations can be made online but people can also donate £5 from their mobile phone by texting GIFT00 £5 to 70070

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