Whitemoor Prison officials take to social media to explain how they’re coping with coronavirus pandemic

Officials at HMP Whitemoor in March (pictured) have spoken about how they are coping with the corona

Officials at HMP Whitemoor in March (pictured) have spoken about how they are coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Picture: PA IMAGES - Credit: Archant

Officials at Whitemoor Prison took to Twitter this week to explain a little of how they are coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a number both staff and residents isolating for various reasons but thanks to all who remain we are managing essential regime via safe PHE advice,” the prison tweeted.

“We are enhancing family contact through Prison Voicemail, email a prisoner and increased free letters.”

Whitemoor, the top security prison at Longhill Road, March, added: “Cleaning is taking place twice every day with a dedicated group of mine taking their role very seriously.

“Supplies are good and food, including canteen is working well. We send daily briefings to staff and residents to keep information flowing and seek feedback.”

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One relative of a prisoner asked: “Can extra money be sent in to provide extras such as biscuits etc anything to help the mood?

“Maybe a general fund so all can share? Can you allow extra spends for canteen or have you done this already; little things can make a big difference.”

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The prison responded that all residents “have had £5 free PIN credit and access to private cash so their usual money can be spent on items to make daily life easier.

“Feedback/idea sheets went to all on Friday and should be collated tomorrow. The offer of help from families was shared. Thank you for your ongoing support.”

On their website the prison says all are suspended “following instructions for people to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

“We will update here as soon as this changes. You can also follow @HMPPS on Twitter and read a rolling update page”.

On a local Facebook forum staff from the prison confirmed one case of coronavirus at the prison – an officer who works part time in the visitor centre,

One staff member criticised those spreading rumours about the prison saying they were “sick to death of the crap being bandied about”.

“With reference to inaccurate reports posted by members on here, if you don’t know exactly how many confirmed cases are in HMP Whitemoor, don’t ‘guess’ and start scaremongering others,” he wrote.

“Please try to keep your guess work to yourself and not add fuel to speculation and claims which are totally false.”

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