Oh little town of Whittlesey, how generous you are- a remarkable Christmas Eve gesture as residents replace £400 lost by 71-year-old woman

Residents save Christmas for distraught 71 year old by raising nearly £400 for her after cash goes m

Residents save Christmas for distraught 71 year old by raising nearly £400 for her after cash goes missing. - Credit: Archant

Residents turned anger and annoyance into a remarkable community gesture on Christmas Eve by replacing – within a few hours- £390 lost by a 71-year-old woman.

Colin Martin posted news of the loss early in the day on a local Facebook group – and watched in pure joy and amazement as the cash to replace the lost money rolled in.

“Wonderful Whittlesey people,” he described the reaction as he delivered £390 to the lady that only hours earlier had seen her Christmas nearly ruined by the loss of the money.

“She’s totally gob smacked and lost for words,” he said. “She can’t thank people enough for helping.

“She wanted me to say thank you ever so much wonderful Whittlesey community”.

Earlier it had been Mr Martin who had described how the woman lost her purse in Victory Avenue near to a Nisa store.

It was found shortly afterwards with her ID and cards all in place but minus the cash.

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“This lady is 71,” he wrote on Facebook. “If you found the cash I am hoping you have handed it in.

“If not then think hard about it. Have a heart- that lady’s Christmas is ruined.”

But once it became obvious the money wasn’t going to be returned by whoever found it, the generosity of his Facebook members stepped up to the plate.

“£10, where do I take it/” wrote one and so began a mini avalanche of cash.

“I have a fiver in my purse; that’s all I have but she is more than welcome to it x,” wrote another.

“I will donate £20 – will be round in 15 minutes, xxxx,” wrote another resident.

“Coming to drop off £20 now,” said another.

The woman’s daughter said her mother had been delighted by the generosity of so many people.

“I’ve just rung her to tell her how thoughtful people have been and she’s crying,” said the daughter. “Thank you all so much.”

Throughout the day people began dropping off cash to Mr Martin – one even saying “just going to the cash point and bring some round”.

One poster summed it up late in the day: “One thing I say about Whittlesey that they do look out for each other.”

Another concluded: “My faith in humanity is restored.”

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