ON THE MOVE: Bright says he’ll set up camp in Cambourne if he becomes Cambridgeshire’s first police commissioner

POLICE commissioner candidate Sir Graham Bright today revealed that if he’s elected next month he will probably set up his new office at Cambourne.

Sir Graham’s decision to move 13 miles down the road from police headquarters at Huntingdon is intended to emphasis the independence of the new role from the operational side of Cambridgeshire police.

The former MP’s proposals were outlined during a whistle stop tour to NE Cambs today where he called in to meet some of those working on Archant Group newspapers in the Fens.

Sir Graham told Editor John Elworthy that he would appoint a closely knit team to work with him which will include two staff who will spend much of their time out and about meeting Cambridgeshire people and finding out what they want from the police.

The former aide to Prime Minister John Major also believes that his age – he was 70 this year- is no barrier to his role.

He revealed he had taken a back seat in the family business to concentrate exclusively on becoming the county’s first police commissioner and, if elected, wants to win a further term in four years time.

“If elected I shall be the same age that Ronald Reagan was when he came President of the USA,” he said.

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“And Reagan completed two terms too.”

Sir Graham also revealed that he may appoint an external candidate to run the county’s police budget- the thinking being that an accountant from the private sector may offer a fresh perspective on costs.

His passion is tackling burglary and he promised police would visit every victim to offer support, hunt for clues, and provide increased awareness.

His feeling remains that “burglary can and does traumatise victims” and he promised to liaise with the CPS to press for tougher sentencing.

Sir Graham also said he would “drill down” into every parish in the county; working alongside local councillors to ensure those in rural areas got the police force – and police responses- they deserved.

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