Once again MP looks at symptoms of unruly gangmasters and disregards real causes

Mattresses in the attic of the squat in Norwich Road, Wisbech.

Mattresses in the attic of the squat in Norwich Road, Wisbech. - Credit: Archant

ONCE again I see MP Steve Barclay devoting huge amounts of his time to sorting the problems of migrant workers who are exploited by gangmasters and unscrupulous landlords.

As ever with Mr Barclay and his ilk, he continues to look at the symptoms and disregards the real causes of this problem.

To overcome these problems, Mr Barclay should insist sensible conditions to be met by every immigrant to this country.

They should be able to demonstrate that they have a guaranteed job waiting for them. They should further demonstrate that they have the funds to support themselves for at least six months and are in possession of a return ticket to their home country for use should things not work out for them.

Possession of the above would surely guarantee a level of independence from those who wish to exploit them and free up Mr Barclay to concentrate on the problems of those who actually voted for him.

I see that taxpayer-funded interpreters in the form of foreign speaking PCSOs are provided for their benefit - absolutely no chance, I suppose, of charging non-English speakers for this service to recoup some tax payer’s money? No, I thought not!

Also, the fact that two-pin plugs are forced into three point sockets would be amusing, were it not dangerous, and indicative of a total ignorance of the way of life in this country.

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