Fenland combine harvester driver’s plea to farming colleagues: ‘please don’t hold up traffic… we really shouldn’t be such idiots’

A Fenland farmer has released a plea to fellow agricultural road users to not hold up long lines of

A Fenland farmer has released a plea to fellow agricultural road users to not hold up long lines of traffic. Picture: George Munns / Facebook - Credit: George Munns / Facebook

A farmer from the Fens is begging his agricultural colleagues to not hold up long lines of traffic as they “shouldn’t be such idiots on the road”.

George Munns was transporting a combine harvester back from its service on Monday (July 22) and pulled over more than 25 times to allow people to pass.

Mr Munns is warning his fellow farming colleagues that people in the UK may not want to back British farming if they annoy members of the public on the roads.

He said: "I brought our combine back from its winter service at Fenland Agricultural Engineers at Angle Bridge the day before yesterday.

"I got off the road 27 times on the way back. If us farmers would like the UK public to back us and buy British, we really shouldn't be such idiots on the road.

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"We must also remember we don't pay a licence fee either. So please don't hold up long lines of traffic. You never really know how many cars behind you need to be somewhere quickly."

Mr Munns' comments were in response to a semi-viral feed on one of the local discussion groups on Facebook launched by farmer Wendy Nobbs.

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She said: "Please people please, we farming folk do not set out to annoy you none farming people, but please bear with us while we move our combines and tractors and trailers.

"I know it can be frustrating when you get stuck behind, but with the weather being contrary as it can be, we need to get it done it won't hopefully be for too long. Thank you."

The post has attracted more than 150 reactions and just over 180 comments from some people disagreeing with Ms Nobbs' statement.

One person said: "It would be nice if you farming folk would have a bit of consideration and avoid driving on our roads between 8am and 9am and maybe 5pm and 6pm.

"We non-farming folk generally have a time schedule to comply by. I appreciate that you have a job to do but that lack of tractors on our roads between them times would make the roads a lot safer."

One man, in favour of the farmers, said: "You farming folk carry on. I don't think people appreciate what an important job you do.

"Not only for the economy but in helping to keep us fed and with low food prices. Your role will become even more important once we leave the EU.

"A few extra minutes on a journey is a small price to pay."

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