Operation Lion Ark appeal

AS a local resident, I wanted to inform local readers of a huge lion rescue operation tat UK based Animal Defenders International (ADI) currently has underway, and seek their assistance.

Recently, ADIs two-year undercover investigation of abuse in Bolivian circuses caused a storm of public concern and protest, which resulted in the world’s first-ever nationwide ban of any and all circus animals.

In May of 2010, ADI rescued four lions and brought them to freedom in a sanctuary in the US. Then, the Bolivian Government asked ADI to take their remaining circus lions, and in the past few weeks ADI have seized 25 lions, six monkeys, a coati mundi and a horse from appalling conditions in travelling circuses.

The lions were in a desperate state when ADI rescued them. They are now building their strength with good food and special supplements to prepare them for their journey to a wonderful new life in a sanctuary in the US.

This is likely to be the biggest lion rescue and airlift the world has ever seen and I am calling on all local residents to help with the rescue of these beautiful animals and give them the life they so richly deserve.

The “Save the Lions” appeal (www.savethelionsappeal.com) is urgently calling for donations to help bring the lions back to health, to airlift them to safety, and to prepare the new facilities for their life-long care - some may have 20 years of freedom ahead of them. To make a donation please call 020 7630 3340.

Thank you so much for caring and please give all you can to this worthwhile cause.

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