Opinions about March homes plans illustrate tendency to encroach on agricultural land

OPINIONS concerning building of hundreds of houses in the north of March and elsewhere on the town’s attractive parameters illustrates the tendency nowadays of encroachment on land highly suitable for crop production.

There is a global shortage of food and, in the certain light of increasing food prices especially when crops are produced for export in foreign climes, it is prudent that Britain takes every advantage of producing as much food as possible for its ever increasing population.

This is fundamentally preferable in the Fens, the most virile and prolific agricultural area in the country than pander to speculative whim. When “green” enters the argument the Fens are virtually unchallenged.

Sinking concrete foundations on open fields on a massive scale to build sprawling estates and denying the use of prime and potential agricultural land by planting it with wind turbines rather than crops is truly anti-green.

It interferes with natural drainage. In my eyes rightful priorities are being sacrificed for speculative gain.

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The demand for more homes is largely a result of inefficient border agencies, government cuts and uncontrolled immigration. Racism doesn’t enter the argument - where is common sense?

March is expecting worrying traffic congestion. Without any doubt the town will be subjected to even greater vehicular pressure due to its out-of-date and unsolvable infrastructure.

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Apt illustration of the chaos to come is provided by the ongoing roadworks in Elwyn Road daily, affecting hundreds of vehicles. Think of what a permanent influx of more than 1,000 additional vehicles used on a daily basis will mean!

Sheer mayhem and the ruination of what was once a pleasant market town.


St Peter’s Road


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