Owners could be told to demolish Fenland bungalow or face prosecution

OWNERS of a large bungalow built without planning permission in the Fens face being told to demolish their home or be prosecuted.

Councillors look set to give Fenland District Council officers the go-ahead to implement enforcement proceedings ensuring the removal of the Bungalow, Willow Place, Seadyke Bank, Murrow.

Officers claim that letters, advice on breach of planning control and site visits have all been ignored. Councillors are being recommended to give the green light at next Wednesday’s planning committee meeting.

A report says: “It seems that previous advice and countless requests have been forgotten, or are being deliberately ignored, and that formal enforcement proceedings will be required. We, the council, need to regularise this development in order to prevent this setting precedence.”

The proceedings are in order to “secure the cessation of the unauthorised use of the land for residential purposes, secure the cessation of the occupation of an unauthorised dwelling and to secure the removal of the unauthorised dwelling from the land specified.”

The bungalow has been built on a site north of Seadyke Road and next to the eastern boundary of a Fenland District Council authorised travellers site.

In August 2007 it was noted that a bungalow had been built on the land without any form of planning permission having been granted or even applied for.

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The owner was contacted by letter and advised of the breach of planning control with a request that the bungalow be removed.

At a site visit by a planning officer in February 2008 it was discovered the bungalow was still on site in breach of planning control. An officer spoke with a son of the owner and left details so he could be contacted.

When no contact was made, a further letter was sent to the owner stating that occupation had to cease and the bungalow removed.

In April 2008 the officer was contacted by an agent and told that a planning application was on its way - it failed to materialise and it appears the company has ceased trading.

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