Owners temporarily withdraw modernising Whittlesey caravan site

OWNERS of an “eyesore” caravan site in Whittlesey have temporarily withdrawn plans to modernise it.

The plans were due to have been discussed by Fenland District Council Planning Committee on Wednesday but were pulled back to allow further details to be submitted.

Some councillors had expressed access and environmental concerns and these will now be addressed.

Mayor Kay Mayor says she welcomes the plans for the Newhaven Estate, Commons Road, being tidied up by developers Green Park Homes.

But she said care must be taken after several neighbours objected to an extended park of 33 mobile units.

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Neighbours also told Fenland District Council that they would “wish to be rehoused and compensation paid if development proceeds” after complaining about a lack of children’s play facilities and inadequate roads, sewerage and electrical facilities.

Letters to the committee also raised fears about the “impact on schools, doctors and dentists”.

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Planning officers felt enough had been done to satisfy complaints and said in the report that “the design of the proposed units is of a high standard for this type of development and will transform the site from the existing unsatisfactory position.”

A previous planning application for 44 caravans was rejected.

Conditions were suggested to ensure satisfactory drainage of the site and make sure to appearance “contributes to the visual character and amenity of the area”.

Rob Morton, who manages the current site which is home to 10 people, said: “I’m quite supportive of the plans. The place is quite run down. It is a bit of an eyesore and doesn’t look too good.”

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