Parish council chairman says derelict school building is a disgrace and action is needed

PARISH council chairman Rex Mallett is furious that enforcement action hasn’t been used to renovate a Victorian school that has lain derelict for decades.

“The old school in Tydd St Giles has been an absolute disgrace for over 30 years,” he said.

“The buildings are derelict, trees are growing into the building and it is dangerous. It’s an eyesore next to our church and we would like some action from our local councils to get this problem solved.

“Every time we try and do something red tape gets in the way.”

Cllr Mallett said the clerk has complained repeatedly to Fenland Council.

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“The response of has been to contact the owner and impose conditions to be met within a set timeframe.

“However we are not informed what these conditions are or what the timeframe for complying is. No significant changes have been made to the property over a period of many years.”

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Once the parish council met with the owner and the arts council to use the building for an art gallery but funding was denied.

Barbara Tinsley, who has lived in Tydd for 22 years, said “the old school has been in the state it now is since I have been here.

“It is not only an eyesore it is dangerous as well. The imitation ‘windows’ don’t do a great deal to enhance the appearance especially as the building is opposite the Grade 2 Listed church.

“Surely after all this time the council should be able to do something about it?”

The issue has been raised on Shape Your Place website and the organisers say concerns have been sent to Fenland Council.

County councillor Steve Tierney said that “clearly it would be nice to get a move on it and if there’s any way I can help I’ll be glad to.”

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