Parking ticket blow for mum who went bankrupt to care for Down’s Syndrome son

A MOTHER who declared herself bankrupt to care for her son with Down’s Syndrome was fined �85 after forgetting to get a free ticket for a Wisbech car park.

Sarah Everett parked at the Horsefair Shopping Centre earlier this month, but forgot to collect a ticket which entitles her to park for free.

She said: “I can’t believe I have to pay for a genuine mistake. Being exhausted I forgot to get a free ticket for the car.”

Ms Everett, of Smeeth Road, Marshland St James, gave up work when her son Alex Albert was born in 2007 so she could give him round-the-clock care for his genetic condition. Alex needs constant support, including help to walk and assistance to communicate his thoughts and feelings.

She has to carry Alex to and from the car on trips because she is not entitled to a Blue Badge until he is three years old.

Ms Everett went bankrupt after Alex was born so she could avoid working to repay her debts. She now claims Carer’s Allowance and said: “Giving up work was the best way forward.”

She said she is “often walking around half asleep” as she tries to manage a hectic schedule of hospital appointments and trips out.

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Alex often gets frustrated because he can’t walk or play like his 22-month-old twin brothers Michael and Thomas. He also struggles to communicate what he is thinking.

His mum said: “He is not as mobile as other children and gets very frustrated. He finds it really difficult because he can’t do what his brothers can.

“Most children are walking by the time they are two. Alex still can’t put much weight on his legs and probably won’t be able to until he is four.”

Britannia Parking, which operates the Horsefair car park, declined to comment.

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