Parties serve up dirty tactics and personal attacks in bid to win Wisbech Town Council seat

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Ballot box - Credit: Archant

Mud slinging and personal attacks have marred the campaign to find a new Wisbech Town Councillor as one party threatens to report another to the Electoral Commission and the police.

The Conservatives have made the threat over a leaflet distributed on today by UKIP ahead of tomorrow’s (Thursday) vote for a new representative for Staithe Ward. The vacancy is the result of previous incumbent Irina Kumalane’s resignation.

Only Labour appears to have kept the fight on the issues rather than the personalities.

Three candidates are vying for the seat on the town council: Aigars Balsevics (Conservative); Reg Mee (Labour) and Caroline Smith (UKIP).

But while the Conservatives tried to take the moral high-ground over the flyer produced in support of UKIP’s Mrs Smith, they were not above launching a personal attack in one of their own missives against Mr Mee.

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UKIP’s leaflet questioned the truth of claims made by Mr Balsevics during the campaign and also included a picture allegedly of his van parked on double yellow lines.

The leaflet also had a dig at his pub business and suggested voters “look elsewhere for the truth”.

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Conservative councillor Sam Hoy announced on social media her party was reporting the publication to both the Electoral Commission and the police.

But the Tories launched their own vitriolic attack on Mr Mee in a letter they put out and accused Labour of being ‘arrogant’ in choosing him as their candidate after he lost his seat in the May elections.

The leaflet read: “They know you just voted ‘no’ to Reg Mee, so here he is again. Doesn’t that seem just a little arrogant.”

Meanwhile Mr Mee continued to play it straight with his election material sticking to the issues and pledging to deal with problems such as speeding and promising to try to improve public transport.

The polling station at Meadowgate School open tomorrow at 7am for ward electors and will close at 10pm and the result will be announced later in the evening.

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