'Not a sprint, a marathon' cautions NHS staff in the Fens

Rollout of Covid-19 vaccine at Doddington Hospital for the Fenland Group Practice

Rollout of Covid-19 vaccine at Doddington Hospital for the Fenland Group Practice. 500 vaccinations were carried out on day one. - Credit: Archant

By the end of next week, 8,000 of the 60,000 patients of a group of Fenland surgeries will have received their first Covid-19 vaccination.  

On day one this week Fenland Group Practice says 500 people were vaccinated and although they are not yet working every day, they will be carrying out vaccinations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

The vaccinations are being carried out at Doddington Hospital for patients from March, Manea, Wimblington, Ramsey, Chatteris, Sutton and of course the village itself. 

"Teams will start going out to our care home residents from Friday, aiming to get these done by Sunday,” the practice said in a statement on their Facebook page/ 

“Good news is that we have confirmed more deliveries next week, so a couple of days off and do it all over again from next Thursday. By then of week two, nearly 8,000 of our 60,000 patients will have been vaccinated. Beyond that see have to wait and see when vaccine arrives.” 

The statement added: “Huge thank you to all practice staff, volunteer vaccinators and helpers, you were all brilliant, so many laughs and (masked) smiles, such great teamwork.  

“None of this could happen without you. Not to forget those holding the fort at the surgeries, doing extra and going the extra mile, so that we can in effect do two full time jobs simultaneously. 

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“This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, but the NHS has such a great staff and spirit I know we can do this, and help our country out of this awful crisis.” 

Numerous patients have messaged the practice to thank them for their efforts. 

“You gave my mum hers yesterday and she just wants to say a really big thank you to you all. Well done,” said one. 

Another posted: “So proud of you all, thank you.... waiting patiently for my turn xx”. 

And a third added: “Thank you all of you working your socks off to keep everything going.” 

Vaccinations at Doddington will cater for patients from GP practices including George Clare Surgery, Priors Field Surgery, Fenland Group Practice, Cornerstone Practice, Ramsey Health Centre, Mercheford House Practice, and Riverside Practice.  

GP surgeries will remain open as normal for other issues. Patients will be contacted when it’s their turn to book vaccination appointment.