Patriotic or poor taste: The portrait of the Queen at arm’s length from a Union Jack coffin

IT IS either very patriotic or slightly poor taste but the Union Jack coffin sat next to a portrait of the Queen in the window of a Whittlesey funeral parlour has certainly turned heads.

The upright axis of the famous flag runs from head to toe - it is crossed round about the occupier’s waist. The Queen, crowned and in her traditional garb, looks unperturbed by its presence. Above the two, Union Jack bunting is hung.

It truly is a window display fitting to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee this weekend - though it does hint at our Queen’s untimely death.

“We’ve had a lot of people stop at the window and take photos on their phones,” said Dawn White, who mans the desk only feet away from the coffin at AD Murfitt Funeral Services in the Market Place at Whittlesey.

“I’ve had it out a few times before but it’s getting a lot more attention now. We get it our for Remembrance Day.”

When a photo of the window display made its way to Facebook, one user simply commented: “Not nice.”

But Ms White said it’s quite a popular choice of coffin.

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“A lot of people choose it. A lot of soldiers or the older gentlemen who find it quite patriotic choose it,” she said.

The funeral parlour offers a host of coffin designs including sunset photos, zebra prints or one with an ice cream on the front.

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