Crack dealer jailed after sending a message to 90 people saying he was open for business

Paul Sika is jailed for drug dealing

Paul Sika is jailed for drug dealing - Credit: Archant

A crack cocaine drug dealer who sent a message to 90 people telling them he was ‘open for business’ has been jailed.

Paul Sika, 21, who dealt across various counties, was sentenced to five-and-a-half years at Cambridge Crown Court after previously being found guilty of being involved in supply of the Class A drug.

The court heard how Sika was at a home in Cockerell Road, Cambridge, in August last year when police, who were acting on intelligence, visited the property and arrested Sika and other occupants.

Officers also seized Sika’s Nokia mobile phone which revealed he had sent a message to 90 contacts saying ‘on.lion’ which meant he was ‘open for business’.

PC Dani Lewis said: “The sentence is a clear reminder that both the police and the courts continue to take a zero tolerance approach to drug dealing.

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“This case clearly highlights that drugs dealers do not necessarily need to be in possession of drugs to be convicted and will receive significant custodial sentences.”

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