£100 becomes the new deposit fee for Pay at Pump machines

Drivers will be charged a £100 deposit fee to use the Pay at Pump machines.

Drivers will be charged a £100 deposit fee to use the Pay at Pump machines. - Credit: Google Maps 

Drivers were in for a shock after they found out a new deposit fee has come into circulation at two of the UK’s supermarkets. 

Customers at both Tesco and Sainsburys are now aware they will be charged a £100 deposit fee when attending the supermarkets’ Pay at Pump fuel machines. 

The deposit will be taken out of drivers’ accounts the moment they place their card into the machine. 

Petrol stations will calculate the correct fee once the car has been refuelled, refunding the correct amount of money back to the payment card. 

Tesco previously used a £1 authorisation fee to use their Pay at Pump Machines, but they will now move onto the new £99 deposit. 

Tesco have said on their website that “Under new rules implemented by Mastercard, Visa and American Express, we must now request authorisation from your card issuer before taking payment” 

The system will be rolled out fully across the UK later this year. 

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Do you use pay at pump? If you do, will you be continuing or stopping after the news? 

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