People should vote for who they believe in

I found some of the comments in this weeks paper strange, John Smithee seems to be upset that John Bennet-Collins has changed his mind on who he will support.

Arthur Scargill, whom Mr Smithee seems to admire, runs what is basically an old fashioned communist party.

As for putting his energies in supporting the Green Party, well I notice he left out a few other Green policies such as disbanding the Army doing away with our nuclear deterrent stop having rabbit hutches, I can just imagine Isis saying oh Britain has disbanded its army we had better follow suit and stop butchering people incase we look bad.

I would also like to remind him that, yes, the banks did cause a huge problem but it wasn’t the banks that forced Gordon Brown to raid the pension funds of ordinary workers, it also wasn’t the banks that twisted his arm to sell off half our gold reserves at below value, selective memory is a wonderful thing.

Steve Smith asked what has UKIP councillors done since taking office, I was unaware that the had control of any council. Anyway with the election coming people should vote for whom they believe in and not if I vote for X then Y might get in.

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On a lighter note, with the three main parties trying to out do each other, I wonder when the old schoolboy taunt of my dad’s bigger than yours will be used. Oops sorry Doug Kendall that might not be politically correct.


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