Pet detectives to continue searching Fenland for man’s cat who disappeared while on holiday

PET detectives who have been scouring Fenland this week after a man lost his cat while on holiday will have to return to the area after their initial search proved fruitless.

George Mitchell, 46, from Ely, was enjoying a three-week break in Welney when his two-year-old ginger cat Danny broke free from his lead during a night-time walk.

The devastated owner called Animal Search UK’s professional team after his own desperate hunt for his beloved pet failed.

Mr Mitchell said: “Danny was enjoying the freedom of running around in safety but got a bit too excited.

“I couldn’t find him that night because my torch broke - nor the next couple of days either.

“He likes to roam about a fair bit because he’s a very young and energetic cat and I was beginning to think he’d return - he didn’t, so that’s when I called the team in to help.”

“I’m just trying to be hopeful that he’s alright and being looked after.”

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The team of pet detectives, led by former police officer Tom Watkins, have been searching Fenland using walkie-talkies, rescue traps, torches and police style patrol vehicles to try and find the cat.

“Most missing pets are found within a few miles of their home,” said Mr Watkins.

“But to complicate matters Danny’s disappearance was from an area over 10 miles from where he lives.

“Everybody we have spoken to has been informed of the relevant details and we’re ready for our search efforts to continue.

“Even if somebody has adopted Danny having found him looking lost we just need him home where he belongs.”

Danny was wearing a red hardness and blue lead attached to his body when he disappeared. His owner is offering a reward of up to �500 for his safe return.

Freephone Animal Search UK with information, in confidence, on 0800 4 320 340 - quoting 24671.