Pet of the Year glory for kitten rescued in Malta and flown to new Fenland home

THEY say that cats have nine lives - and Malcolm Harper’s pet was certainly on borrowed time when he rescued it while on holiday in Malta.

Malcolm found the tiny kitten trapped in a wall, and after spending more than �600 on the feline and flying it more than 1,500 miles, the pretty moggy called English has now joined him at home in Whittlesey.

“The money I spent has been worth every penny,” said kind hearted 66-year-old Malcolm, “She is such wonderful company.”

The adorable puss was placed second in the Cambs Times and Wisbech Standard pet of the year competition.

The heartwarming story of the pet rescue began when Malcolm was on the island with his Maltese companion, Marcella last year.

“We were staying at Mgarr for four and a half months, and found the cat in the first week,” he said.

“We heard the unmistakeable noise of an animal in distress. We made our way across waste ground; there was a large stone wall, and the noise was coming from inside it.

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“I started to take the stones out, and found the 7-8 week old kitten inside. She was wobbly and would have died that afternoon if we had not found her.”

Malcolm and his companion settled English into some nearby farm buildings, and fed her twice a day for several weeks.

“When we arrived we used to call out her name, and she came running out,” added Malcolm.

Malcolm had to break his trip to return to the UK for six days, and later discovered that the kitten had been looking for him during his absence.

“It was then that I thought about bringing her to England,” said Malcolm. “I made inquiries with the Maltese RSPCA; she had the necessary injections and was then placed in quarantine.

“We had the kitten in the flat with us for seven or eight weeks; and it broke my heart when I had to leave her in Malta.

“In November I flew out to see English for a week, visiting her every day for three or four hours.”

In the spring, Malcolm and Marcella returned to Malta, and after a month’s stay they were able to arrange for English to be flown back to the UK, picking her up at Heathrow.

“She has settled here very well, although she is frightened of strangers,” added Malcolm.

“I won’t be going abroad any more for at least a year, I just cannot leave her, she is now my top priority.”

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