Pet owner fears missing rescue cat could be walking to Wales from Fenland

TWO rescued cats have gone missing just two months after being brought to a Fenland home and the owner fears that one may be on its way back to Wales.

Lou Miller had taken in three cats to her Badgeney Road, home from an elderly woman in Wales who was struggling to keep the felines but all went missing at the end of last month.

The cats were let out after six weeks after they showed signs of settling in but Porridge, who is white with a black mark on his face and a tabby tail, and tortoiseshell Piggy haven’t returned to their March home.

Ms Miller, who has two other cats, said: “I just want them home safe, they are all rescue cats from Wales. The worst part is that I promised the woman, who didn’t want to lose her cats, that they would be in a lovely and caring home but they’re not here.

“I have had reports of sightings of Piggy which is why we keep joking that Porridge is on his way home to Wales - you hear about cats travelling miles all the time. I just hope he’s safe.

“If someone is feeding them please stop and ring me so I can collect them because I want to look after them again.”

The March woman spotted one of the three cats that had gone missing in her garden but hasn’t let it out since in fear that he might wander off again.

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“Porridge is four-years-old and quite a big boy, he went missing on October 23. Piggy, their mum, is fat and looks pregnant but isn’t has been missing since October 27.”

CONTACT: If you have seen Porridge or Piggy, call Ms Miller on 07731 815228.

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