Peter Murphy’s bark was every bit as forceful as his bite as planning committee refused Fengrain’s anerobic digester

He’s been one of Fenland’s longest serving cabinet members, beavering quietly but significantly away on such diverse issues as public open spaces, dog fouling, green flag awards and all matters environmental.

Councillor Peter Murphy could, so far as his political masters at Fenland Hall be concerned, be described as a safe pair of hands.

But on Wednesday we saw a different side to Cllr Murphy and one we rather enjoyed. His ‘commonsense over commercial greed’ outburst over a proposed anaeorobic digester at Wimblington was a perfectly timed and well executed entrance into the debate at Fenland Hall. His headline grabbing comment was supported by planning policies he argued could be applied to reject the Fengrain proposal and he got a bit uppity when others on the planning committee failed to recognise the numbers never mind the names and content of the policies he invoked.

It was a decisive intervention by Cllr Murphy and a reminder that even the quietest of dogs can have their day. His bark was every bit as forceful as his bite.

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