Petition calls for action over Wisbech Cemetery vandalism

A PETITION calling for action to help stamp out vandalism in Wisbech Cemetery is to be presented to Fenland District Council.

A PETITION calling for action to help stamp out vandalism in Wisbech Cemetery is being presented to Fenland District Council on Thursday.

Around 1600 people have signed the on-line petition and more than 1000 on paper in readiness for the meeting of the full council.

The petition calls for a whole raft of measures to be taken to improve security and at a meeting of residents there were calls for a hot spot camera to be installed urgently until the issues are resolved.

Speaking and handing over the petition will be bereaved mother Anna Akred of Grosvenor Road, Wisbech. The grave of her baby was vandalised during the most recent attacks.

The petition was put together after a meeting of families who were left traumatised when statues and grave stones were smashed by vandals.

At a meeting of the Waterlees Community Forum at the Oasis Centre last week the future of the cemetery in Mount Pleasant Road was also given priority.

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District councillor David Wheeler, who has a 17-year-old daughter buried in the cemetery, said: “This action by the forum and this petition is for all the residents of Wisbech and its surrounding areas who have family members laid to rest there.

“This is one of the biggest petitions the council has ever received and I don’t think they will have any option but to act on it. I must admit when we were told about the last lot of vandalism my heart was in my mouth thinking it could be our daughter’s grave.

“It was a relief knowing that it wasn’t her grave but it brought it home to us what the other parents were going through. We have a great deal of sympathy for them and I really admire Mrs Akred for what she is doing over this.”

The petition calls for the closing and locking of all entrances and the setting up of a timetable for opening, the securing of all peripheral fences, a weekly inspection of security risks and the provision of lighting down the central avenue.

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