Petting zoo business halted after wild west themed trailer stolen from outside Fenland home

THIEVES may have got more than they bargained for after a wild west themed trailer was stolen from outside a Fenland home, stripping a resident of part of his business.

The trailer, which was decorated with posters of cowboys and horses, was stolen from a driveway in Sandpit Road, Thorney, in the early hours of October 20.

It was used by 51 year-old owner Dave Clark to help him run his business - which sees him touring fetes, fairs and schools with a petting zoo. It was also used to entertain people with wild west displays and dog agility shows.

Mr Clark said: “They got it in the dark. I think that when they see it in the daylight they might panic. They can’t take it anywhere because it’s so distinctive - people will recognise it.

“We were earning a living with that trailer. It’s really upsetting - you have something and someone else decides they want it and they just take it.”

The �1,000 trailer also bears the silver ‘FJ’ crest of Mr Clark’s business ‘Five Jays’, which he runs with his wife Raine and Marion House.

“I have to look at getting another one straight away,” said Mr Clark. “We can’t operate without it. If someone rings and wants the petting zoo we can’t do it.

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“I‘m worried I will ever see it again because they will just sell it as scrap metal.”

Mr Clark said that the thieves also scratched his car as they removed the empty trailer from his driveway.

PCSO Mary Webber said: “This theft has caused great inconvenience for the victim because he uses the trailer for his business.

“I would urge anyone who thinks they know where it is now or may have seen it since Wednesday night to contact police.”

Anyone with information should contact PCSO Webber on 0345 456 456 4.

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