Picture of Victoria Beckham leaving Prada in New York captured by Fenland teenager on school trip

WHEN Victoria Beckham left a New York shop a Fenland teenager wasn’t going to let a bodyguard stop her from capturing that stunning image sought by the paparazzi every day.

As students from Cromwell Community College, Chatteris, waited for the shops to open on a school trip to the Big Apple they were not aware that one of the world’s most famous celebrities was browsing the aisles of Prada.

When they did realise, however, budding photographer Rio Annis brushed one of her bodyguards aside to capture this shot of Victoria leaving the store.

Rio, 15, from Chatteris, said: “We were waiting outside Abercrombie and Fitch at 9.50am for the shops to open and we saw the paparazzi waiting outside. I saw the black car and bodyguards so knew there was someone famous inside.

“My friends were joking with the bodyguards that they were her best friend but I was determined to get a picture.

“When Victoria came out I crouched down to get my picture but the angle wasn’t right and she kept messing about with her hair. I moved to the side and pushed past a bodyguard, took another picture and nailed it.”

Of Victoria, she said: “She looked very skinny and very pale but looked glamorous as always. Her shoes were massive.”

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Rio, who is studying a creative media diploma, was bought the Fujifilm camera by her parents for her birthday last year. She hopes to study a photography course at college when she leaves Cromwell in the summer.

Proud mum Michelle, a driving instructor, said: “We are extremely proud. When we saw the picture we said ‘wow’.

“We bought her the camera to pursue her photography interest and she took some stunning photos in New York but this one is special.

“She was in the right place at the right time and captured it so well.”

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