Pigeoned-out! Physics student Phil needed no refresher on thermodynamics to know this was a tough call

All pigeoned-out! Phil Taylor takes a breather

All pigeoned-out! Phil Taylor takes a breather - Credit: Archant

PHYSICS student Phil Taylor didn’t need much understanding of Newton’s Law of Gravity to know that if you stand for too long dressed as a pigeon you might fall over!

Giant pigeon advertising Skylark's new Pesky Pigeons ride.

Giant pigeon advertising Skylark's new Pesky Pigeons ride. - Credit: Archant

But then the 22 year-old didn’t need a refresher course in the laws of thermodynamics either to know he was letting himself in for a tough assignment in the middle of a summer heat wave.

Undeterred however Phil braced himself as best he could for a job that involved donning a 7ft tall polystyrene and foam outfit to help his employers publicise a new facility at their Fenland garden centre.

“It was meant to get a lot hotter today than it actually has,” said the Hull University and former Neale-Wade Academy, March, student as he stopped off briefly in March yesterday.

“It was okay early on while it was cool but it has got hotter as the day as worn on.”

Phil, from Benwick, said he took a summer job at Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard at Wimblington knowing it would partly involve being dressed as a pigeon.

“It’s been about promoting their Pesky Pigeon ride,” he said. “Luckily I don’t mind dressing up anyway- it’s a bit of a laugh.

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“When I got the email at Hull confirming the summer job – and read out the details to my friends- they did what you would expect and started falling around laughing.”

Emma Macintosh and owner Ed Gowler were the ‘big game’ hunters who joined Phil on his promotional tour and were on hand with water cannons in case they were needed.

Skylark say they have positioned a number of pigeon targets around the farm which the children have to try to hit with the water guns.

Mr Gowler added: “But some of the pigeons will fire back, meaning you could well get wet on the ride!”

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