Planners must take into account impact of Eastrea Road homes when deciding Whittlesey Showfields planning application

I write with regard to the proposed development of the Showfields site in Whittlesey.

Having made my objections (yet again) to Fenland planners. I find that it did not publish my comments, as maybe it thought them irrelevant.

Well I assure you that I do not find them irrelevant. So, if the planners won’t tell you what I have to say, I will say it here.

Whittlesey is a small town with major problems regarding traffic.

There is at present a development being built in Eastrea Road. This will create 400 houses.

The proposed housing on the Showfields site will create 220 houses, making a total of 620 houses.

Assuming that each of these houses brings 2.4 children average. That will mean 1,488 children.

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Assuming that each house has two adults, there will be an extra 1,240 adults, making a population increase in Whittlesey of 2,728 people.

Also, if these houses have two cars each there will be 1,240 extra cars.

When making a decision on this application it would be VERY wrong for planners not to take into account the current development.

This would create an enormous strain on doctors, schools and roads.


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