Planners play Santa and make special exemption to allow new home to go ahead

A YEAR after refusing an identical application, Fenland planners relented and approved a family’s new home with an annexe for their son who has learning disabilities.

Derek Moore will be allowed to build a two bed chalet bungalow with a one bed annexe in the grounds of their existing bungalow which will be sold to foot the bill for the new development.

Fenland District Council was persuaded to change its mind following a plea by Councillor Kit Owen to take into account “the special circumstances” of the family.

The Moores will now be able to sell Three Acres, Whitemoor Road, March, and build the smaller bungalow- and annexe- retaining a riding area and two thirds of the three acre site.

The family will also be allowed to keep a mobile home on the site whilst the new properties are built.

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Planners felt there were several reasons which justified an exception including the high running costs of the existing home, the release of an annexe to encourage independent living, and the fact that upon the possible death of his parents the son might have to move to a care home.

This, said planners, would stop his “very carefully structured routine” that includes caring for his horse, riding tuition, access to Facet’s workshops and participation in sports and activities in the evening.

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The council accepted personal needs could not be an overriding consideration but one of many to be considered.

They said conditions would be attached to the development including insisting the sale of the existing bungalow went through prior to work starting on the new home. Occupancy restrictions will also be imposed.

“The evidence clearly shows that the applicant’s son needs a rural location to live in to fulfil his equestrian needs,” said a report by officers.

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