Playground debate continues

ON Monday morning I was invited by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to speak on behalf of the local residents about the Waterlees playground.

There is a logo set to be designed for the park so at 7.45am Jane Leet and I put our points over.

Prior to this radio segment, I sent a letter to David Fletcher, head of Cambridgeshire County Council’s planning department, to let him know of two conditions of planning that had not been applied.

He confirmed that I was correct and issued two directives to Jane Leet. The first being: Where is the solar powered security light? The second: Why is the car park not secured with bollards?

Her excuse was that it had been too cold to fix anything sooner, even though the park has been there for more than a year. You will see from the two pictures attached that the gate is left open all night. I took these two at 8.35am in the morning. Look at the state of the entrance!

I have written to Mr Fletcher again pointing out that many other items have not been addressed, yet voted for by 13 councillors at the Oasis meeting on November 18.

One of my complaints was that the mature ash tree was complimentary and integral to the screening of the 11.5m dalben tower as an item, but it was felled in November 2009.

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This means the tower is an illegal construction and in breach of planning. You cannot have half an item.

I summed up my long letter by saying that because of the many breaches that I have brought to his attention I consider that the licence should be revoked. I’ll wait and see what they do about it.


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