Plea to Cameron: Fenland is unique so save our constituency says Councillor Newell

A TORY councillor has written to Prime Minister David Cameron to protest over the threatened break up of the NE Cambs Parliamentary constituency.

“Fenland is going to disappear and no one seems to care,” said Councillor Florence Newell.

So alarmed is she by the changes proposed by the Boundary Commission that she addressed a meeting of the NE Cambs Conservative Association last Thursday.

“The sad thing is no one in Fenland seems to care that much,” said Cllr Newell. “They’re all laying down and playing dead so to speak. It’s really riled me.”

Cllr Newell said if the proposals go through Chatteris will go to a new Huntingdon constituency, March and Wisbech will go into a Downham Market seat, whilst Whittlesey will be lost to Peterborough.

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“Even our MP Steve Barclay who obviously doesn’t want to lose his seat seems to think there is nothing we can do,” said Cllr Newell.

“Well I think there is. I went to town about it and lost my temper. Fenland is a inquie place and to split us is wrong. We’re the Fens. We’re Cambrideshire. What the hell are they playing at?”

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Cllr Newell said Steve Barclay would lose his seat and have to apply for one of the others.

“This is a fast growing area and I am amazed that they have announced the plan and then launched the consultation,” she said. “We must try and stop it.”

Cllr Newell is appealing for anyone wanting to back her campaign to support her:she can be contacted at

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