Please, Anglian Water, hurry up and complete March maintenance work as soon as possible

I NOTICED about two months ago a small sign down by the river stating that Elwyn Road, March, will be closed for four weeks.

For a whole week after the date that the sign said the road would be closed, nothing happened. Finally the road was then closed for what I thought was a simple four weeks.

Then I noticed a small sign three weeks later stating that the work will be taking longer than four weeks.

The road has now been closed for more than two months and progress seems to be very slow. Annoyingly when I return from work at 5pm I see no-one working there.

Surely the fact that a main road to the town centre is closed would mean it is a priority and Anglian Water would have men working at least until dusk to try and get the work finished.

I’m sure everybody is finding it a total nightmare going down St Peter’s Road to get through town as that road was not built for heavy traffic and is always clogged.

Please Anglian Water, pull your finger out and get it done!

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