Please don’t let this turn into a re-run of floods two years ago says March resident.

Flooding in Station Road in June 2016

Flooding in Station Road in June 2016 - Credit: Archant

Nearly two years after floods forced March families out of their homes heavy rain has caused problems in areas of the town again.

Flooding in Statioin Road - August 2014

Flooding in Statioin Road - August 2014 - Credit: Archant

In August 2014 heavy flooding forced families to evacuate and Tesco had to close temporarily when the rain flooded the front of the store.

In Gold Street, where residents were badly hit two years ago, one householder said: “It feels like we are sitting on a ticking time bomb.

“You sit and watch the water rise and think it this going to happen all over again.

“We were told Anglian Water was sorting this, but what has been done?

Flooding in March 2016

Flooding in March 2016 - Credit: Archant

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“Another hour and I reckon the homes would have been badly flooded just like last time, what a thing to have to live with.

“Please don’t let this happen again.”

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In October 2014, two months after the last bad floods, Fenland District Councillor Rob Skoulding disputed that the county council had cleared drains as promised.

Cllr Skoulding highlighted how a drain in Birchwood Avenue was still blocked when he simply lifted teh lid to prove nothing had been done.

Paddling in the floods in March

Paddling in the floods in March - Credit: Archant

In 2014 calls were made for the drainage system to be updated with larger pipes to cope with the extra waste water from homes built in the area which the old system can no longer cope with.

Cllr Skoulding said: “We heed to keep the drains and dykes clear, they are getting blocked.

“It means wen you get heavy rain like this week the drains can’t cope. It’s is something the county council must take responsibility for.”

Anglian Water have been contacted for a comment.

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