Please help find Goochie the blind and deaf much-loved dog from Thorney

Please help find Goochie the blind and deaf dog

Please help find Goochie the blind and deaf dog - Credit: Archant

A dog lover is heartbroken after her blind and deaf dog went missing from a kennel in the garden while she and her partner were at a wedding in Peterborough.

Susan Harrison is urging people to look out for Goochie the male Shiba Inu who is 16 years old and struggles to walk.

She said: “I feel lost and sick. I have had him since he was a 10 week old puppy. I’m spending all my spare time looking for him, please keep an eye out for him. I am worried sick.”

Susan and her partner left him in a secure pen in a kennel in the garden of her partner’s farm at Thorney Dyke while they went to a wedding on Saturday May 16.

“Nobody could see him from the road,” she said. “It wasn’t obvious there was a dog there. He was safe and secure. I can’t believe he has broken out - I am worried he was stolen. He never went out and only lived in the house because when out he would walk in circles because he became disorientated.

“There are no words to tell you how I feel. It is awful, I just want him back.”

The brown, beige and white dog is microchipped but Susan is not sure if the contact numbers are up to date. He has a mark on his eye where it seeps.

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She has put up posters in the local area, has listed him on the Dog Lost UK website and also on Facebook.

If you can help please contact her on 07702-287055.

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