Please help us find Labrador Honey for my autistic son, mother pleads

Honey missing lab

Honey missing lab - Credit: Archant

A family is still desperately searching for their missing puppy six weeks after she disappeared from their garden.

Labrador Honey, who is nearly six months old, disappeared from the Whiting family’s St Johns Fen End home, Marshland St James, on October 3 and, despite the efforts of the whole community, has not returned.

Honey was brought especially for Michael, 7, who is autistic and has grown incredibly attached to her.

Emma Whiting, Michael’s mother, said: “Honey and the family’s other two Labradors Fudge and Buzz were playing in the garden at about 4.30pm and our children were out there with them.

“We called the children in for dinner and left the dogs out to play thinking they would be safe in the garden.

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“Half way through dinner we noticed that they were not playing in the garden so we called them thinking they were hiding in the childrens play house or something but there were no dogs in the garden.

“We called them and almost instantly two returned but Honey did not. We started walking around calling her name in all the local areas until it was too dark to see.

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“Honey was brought for our son who is autistic and instantly her and him had a bond and love that we never thought we would see with him.

“She was his best friend and playmate and he is devastated at her disappearance. He misses her so much and can not understand why she is not home.”

The family has had an amazing response from people keen to help them track down Honey.

A Facebook page set up to help their search has attracted 850 likes and they have had complete strangers from as far afield as Kent lending a helping hand.

Mrs Whiting said: “We have had a huge response from Facebook and we have had complete strangers come and help us look and put missing posters up about her from all over the area.

“We even had a lady from Kent bring her tracker dog up to see if she could track Honey a few days after her disappearance but she was not able to get a strong enough scent to be able to track her.”

Michael has even done an emotional radio plea for information about his beloved puppy.

Mrs Whiting said: “After a few days of her being missing we managed to get our son to do a radio appeal asking for her to come home.

“It was heart breaking asking him to do that as all I want to do is protect him from the pain of not knowing where Honey is.

“We will never give up on her and hopefully with everyones help and support we will get her home very soon.”

A £2,000 reward has been offered for Honey’s return and the family is looking for volunteers to help laminate posters which will be displayed to raise awareness of the puppy’s disappearance.

If you would like to help or have any information about Honey call Emma on 07522721087

Honey’s Facebook page is

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