Poisonous toad is handed back by thieves who took it from an exotic reptile shop in Wisbech

Toad stolen from Fangtasia

Toad stolen from Fangtasia - Credit: Archant

A large cane toad, that was stolen from a reptile shop in Wisbech, has been safely returned.

A bite from the large cane toad

A bite from the large cane toad - Credit: Archant

The toad was taken from Fangtasia Reptile Emporium, which this week moves from its town centre base in Norfolk Street to a brand new unit at Walton Highway.

A shop spokesman said that the toad was handed back in and said it was most likely taken by a local “oik”.

“I promised I would not take it further if handed in and I stand by my word on that.

“We now have much bigger and more positive things on our hands because we are moving into our new shop,” he said.

Once the move is complete Fangtasia will be operating from Pond World at Lynn Road.

On a Wisbech Facebook page at the weekend a spokesman for the shop reported that: “The thieves may not realise that this large creature is capable of giving a nasty bite, needs specialist care and should not be allowed near children or pets because of its poison glands.”

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They urged the person who had it to get in touch.

The National Geographic says that cane toads are native to the southern United States, Central America, and tropical South America.

The magazine said that “Their venom is a mix of toxins that primarily affects the functioning of the heart. It is present throughout their bodies and is secreted as a milky liquid from the parotoid glands located over the toad’s shoulders. Envenomation is painful, but rarely deadly to humans, although some people have died from eating cane toads and even their eggs.”

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