Police and county council urge residents to be vigilant after scam victim is conned by hundreds of fake prize draws

The police and Cambridgeshire County Council are urging residents to be vigilant against scammers af

The police and Cambridgeshire County Council are urging residents to be vigilant against scammers after an elderly victim was conned out of hundreds of pounds through hundreds of fake prize draw letters. - Credit: Archant

The police and county council have issued a warning to be vigilant against scammers after the case of an elderly victim who was sent hundreds of letters – enough to fill four bin bags – by conmen asking for money.

The victim was discovered to have been targeted by scam companies which tricked them into sending money for fake lottery and prize draws, health cures and psychic predictions.

The hundreds of letters appeared to be from legitimate companies and government departments, and tricked the victim into sending money over a number of years, including three-figure transactions within a two day period.

Officers are now working with the victim, and are urging residents who receive letters promising prize winnings to treat them as “too good to be true.”

PCSO Thomas Baugh said: “This is one of the worst cases of scam mail I have seen in a long-time. I was very pleased to be able to intervene and make a difference to this vulnerable victim; who truly believed they would win a prize or financial reward by responding to the mailings they received.”

Elaine Matthews, Cambridgeshire County Council’s community resilience manager said: “Scam letters are carefully designed to look extremely convincing and genuine in order to trick their recipients into sending their hard earned cash.

“Any one of us can be a victim of a scam so make sure you know the signs to look out for and help us spread the message in your community, particularly with your elderly or more vulnerable friends or neighbours.”

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