Police appeal for public’s help in monitoring Wisbech ASBO ‘pest’ who stole and drunk aftershave

POLICE have asked the public to help them monitor a Wisbech ASBO “pest” whose catalogue of crimes includes stealing and DRINKING aftershave.

Licensing police sergeant Dave Bax said Juris Dragancuks, 41, had committed more than 20 offences since arriving in the country in 2008.

His crimes have included shoplifting, street drinking, abusing members of the public and trying to head-butt a police car.

Sgt Bax said: “This guy is a pest. He gets drunk, hangs around in groups drinking and ignores the Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) drinking restriction.

“He also steals to support his drinking habits, at one point stealing and drinking aftershave.”

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Magistrates handed Dragancuks a two-year anti-social behaviour order in July last year, banning him from entering Wisbech Town Centre between 8am and 8pm.

A judge at Cambridge Crown Court dismissed his appeal against the order on Friday.

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Sgt Bax said: “He has been arrested for numerous breaches of the order, with many being just prior to conducting his anti-social activities.

“Dragancuks decided to appeal the initial ASBO made by Peterborough Magistrates Court and has since attended Cambridge Crown Court on two occasions.

“He suggested he was not capable of complying with the order when he got drunk.”

The judge’s ruling means Dragancuks, of no fixed abode, has two outstanding breaches of the ASBO, which also bans him from possessing an open container of alcohol in a public place.

Sgt Bax said: “The police ask for the public’s support in Wisbech Town Centre to report breaches of this order.

“The police intend to vigorously enforce it and put Dragancuks in front of the court at every opportunity.”

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