Police at scene of suspected illegal rave in Fenland village which residents say has disturbed their weekend peace


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POLICE are at the scene of what is thought to have been an illegal rave at Gorefield near Wisbech over the weekend.

An eyewitness reported music still blaring out from two barns at Fen Road, Goredike Bank, Gorefield, this morning.

A small number of police officers are at the scene but many of the revellers are thought to have left the scene: one estimate put weekend numbers at well over 1,000.

The rave is thought to have started on Saturday night and there have been numerous comments posted to Facebook and other social media throughout the weekend.

One man reported last night he could hear “nothing but bangy bangy bass type noise in Gorefield....it’s still going on whatever it is.”

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Another man reported last night that police “stop and searches going on now road closed.”

Others reported seeing hundreds of cars arriving at the rave throughout yesterday.

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One woman said she could hear the noise at 5.30am- and she lives in Leverington some miles away.

Another who was disturbed by the noise on Saturday said it started again last night “so it was obviously planned for a second night. It was doing my head in last night. Was going on till 8.30am. I am glad police are there to stop it!”

Another posted on Facebook that he had “just poked my head out into the garden and I can hear a dull thumping noise (of course that may be where I was stood a little too close to the speakers whilst watching Let There Be DC @ The Gathering last night).

“Going to shut myself in the house and watch Reading festival on TV.”

One woman reported this morning she had “just got back from having a chat with three lovely policemen about it. Went up there to be half nosey and wondering when it was going off as can hear loud and clear on Oxfield Drive.

“Basically there were over 2000 people there last night. Now there are 30 according to two stragglers that got questioned as I was chatting to cops.

“As soon as it’s died down police will go in, take equipment. But on bank holidays they are limited staff and don’t have the man power. Everyone coming out is being searched and I was told they could see them chucking their drugs in the ditch soon as they spotted the police.”

A Cambs Police reaction has been requested.

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