Police called to reports of ‘disturbance’ near St Peter’s Church, Wisbech

POLICE were called to Wisbech town centre this morning following reports of a fight between two groups of men.

Officers searched Church Terrace, Love Lane and The Crescent after being informed of a “disturbance” at around 12.30am.

Eyewitnesses said up to 30 people were involved in the incident thought to have been close to St Peter’s Church Gardens.

Steve Tierney, a Cambridgeshire County Councillor, was walking his dogs through the town at the time of the alleged fight.

Cllr Tierney said on Twitter: “Walked the dogs through St Peter’s Church Gardens.

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“There was a pitched battle going on between two gangs of Eastern European young men.

“The battle continued with two groups chasing one another back and forth, kicking, punching and screaming obscenities.

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“I found a police car on Alexandra Road and reported it. Perhaps 30 young men and one or two young women were involved. Looked and sounded nasty, but they didn’t bother me, just each other.

“This didn’t have the feel of ‘evening out’ trouble to me. It ‘seemed’ like two opposing gangs, though hard to be sure.”

A police spokesman confirmed they had received no complaints of assault or found any weapons during their search.

He said: “We followed up the reports and policed the area but we have received no complaints from anyone saying they were directly involved in an incident and no arrests have been made.”

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