Police chief describes 26 year old Lithuanian man from Wisbech as a “brutal killer”.

A POLICE chief tonight described Wisbech murderer Tomas Acas as a “brutal killer” but he was glad justice had now been done.

Detective Superintendent Jeff Hill, who led the police inquiry into the murder of Jolanta Dumcienviene, said: “She came to this country to earn money for her family who she had left behind in Lithuania.

“Tragically, it resulted in her brutal killing at the hands of Acas.

“Today our thoughts are with Jolanta’s husband, who attended most of the trial, and her children back in Lithuania. We hope this conviction today will help them to move on knowing that justice has been done”

Acas, 26, was convicted of murder today following a trial at Cambridge Crown Court. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Jolanta Dumciuviene, 38, was killed in her room at a house she shared with others in Milner Road, Wisbech, but was not found for three days.

A post mortem examination revealed Jolanta had died from injuries to her chest, including a ruptured liver, a number of broken ribs and internal bleeding, that could have been caused by stamping.

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She also had extensive damage to her throat, also possibly as a result of stamping.

The court heard Jolanta, who worked at Del Monte canning factory in Wisbech, disappeared on May 4 2009 after a barbecue at Acas’s home.

She was not found until May 7, after friends became concerned about her disappearance.

In the meantime, the court heard Acas, who worked with Jolanta and lived next door in Milner Road, had returned to the scene of the crime and tried to hide her body under the bed.

Acas’s blood and a fingerprint were found in the bedroom.

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