Police chief responds on migrant crimes, policing in Wisbech and ‘gun’ toting male

I AM the new police inspector for Fenland and I would like the opportunity to answer some of the questions asked by Ellee Seymour in her recent blog on Wisbech.

She asked: What are the migrant crime figures for Wisbech?

I am not being clever but what do you call a migrant crime? A crime where someone is a victim, a witness or an offender or all three?

Who do you class as a migrant; someone from the New European countries or anywhere in the world?

And when you get this figure, what conclusion will you make. We all know that figures can be manipulated and are meaningless if there is no context around it.

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It is true that we probably could produce these figures but it would take a long time to do. It would also mean a person being committed to scanning our systems for a considerable amount of time.

This is why we have to put a limit on what we are prepared to do. I am sure you would want your tax money spent on Cambridgeshire Constabulary concentrating on the reduction / detection of crime and making people safe rather that trawling our computer systems.

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No one was more upset by the article in the Daily Mail than I. Yes, I and many of the police officers in Wisbech took it personally. We work hard every day of the year; 24/7, to try and make Wisbech a safe place. I think we do a good job at it.

An article like that can damage the faith the community has in their local police officers and it will now take time for us to build it up again ...... and we will.

Elle Seymour asked: What happens after 5 o’clock at night?

Of course we don’t all go home. Officers are patrolling and attending incidents throughout the night come rain, fog or more recently snow.

Yes, we were digging our cars out and gratefully receiving the pushes of members of the public as we went from one incident to another.

Under Operation Redesign we will have 20+ officers calling Wisbech their “Home Station” meaning that they will take ownership for local problems. Why couldn’t we tell you this? Well it is all happening at a rapid rate and perhaps it wasn’t known when you ask. But as soon as the decisions are being made we are telling the community through councillors, the media, E-cops and all other forms of communication.

I am not saying we are great at it as we always seem to miss someone but we are trying.

Ellee Seymour asked about an incident last Monday.

This involved two males walking through the town, one carrying what appeared to be a gun. Thank you to the member of the public who called it in….. you did the right thing.

We attended and found the male. He wasn’t waving it about or pointing it at people just casually carrying it. He gave it up immediately when challenged by police and it turned out to be a toy.

It was just a case that he didn’t think……. as you can see nothing to be worried about.

I am not being defensive and we need to get better at telling you, the community, what is going on and hence the reason why I have replied to this article.

In the future I will try to do my best to get important messages to you all.

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