Police claim ‘net is starting to close in’ on a graffiti artist who has peppered March with his work

Broad Street, March.

Broad Street, March. - Credit: Archant

POLICE claim the “net is starting to close in” on a graffiti artist who has been plastering March with his or her work for some weeks.

PC Phil Richardson says he now has a few leads which he will be following up but has appealed for more people to report latest incidents.

“I need new graffiti reporting,” he told readers of a Facebook community page. “See it, report it. “If you have your suspicions feel free to contact me at March nick

“The net is starting to close in on a few... ‘Slowly slowly catchy monkey’ and all that”

One Facebook member reported racist graffiti on a walled area at Estover Park whilst county councillor Steve Count “hopes these people are identified quite soon.”

He said he had been campaigning for some time to catch the culprit “and there is a now a vendetta tag on the wall on Milner Close.”

He said Fenland Council was quick to remove the offending items.

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Frogs are popular in town, with graffiti images appearing in the centre near Ogden’s old yard in The Causeway.