Police commissioner says ‘.. public will judge us through the ballot box at the end of our term on what we have delivered’

Sir Graham Bright

Sir Graham Bright - Credit: Archant

The public is now much more aware of the role of police and crime commissioners – and even bad publicity has at least helped people to understand what they do.

That’s the view of Sir Graham Bright, elected in 2012 as Cambridgeshire’s first police and crime commissioner.

By the time of the next election – in 2016- he expects to see public awareness much higher “since the public profile of police and crime commissioners has increased. “Sometimes for the wrong reasons, of course, but the news coverage has helped increase awareness.”

Sir Graham was commenting on a Home Affairs Selection Committee report on police and crime commissioners’ progress to date.

He said it was too early to judge the overall effectiveness of their role since it was a new model that cannot be compared to what was before.

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“I believe the public will judge us through the ballot box at the end of our term on what we have delivered,” he said.

The report also questions the setting of targets by commissioners which Sir Graham says he has “gone to great lengths” not to set.

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“I have never been one for targets,” he said. “The overall goal is to reduce crime and improve public confidence. My approach is clearly one the committee identifies with.”

Labour has said if they win next year’s General Election they will reform the “flawed” system of commissioners and also press for mergers among the country’s 43 police forces.

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