Police dog deaths, sex ‘environments’, ‘spiked’ drinks and injured policeman in Cambs Police FOI roll out


Drink - Credit: Archant

DEATHS of police dogs (three) to complaints about racist comments on Facebook/Twitter (18) and areas designated ‘public sex environments’ feature in the latest list of requests to Cambridgeshire Police.

The police update regularly its responses to Freedom of Information requests which they collate on the force’s website.

Among information provided is the number of officers injured on duty in recent years and these are shown to have dropped to 186 in 2012 compared to 231 in 2010 and 252 in 2009.

What is on the increase is the number of criminals being chased through the courts under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

In 2010/11 Cambs Police sought 88 orders to a value of £1.172.059, whilst the following year the number of orders had risen to 104 although the amount sought from criminals as proceeds of their crimes dropped to £480,582.

However last year Cambs Police upped the number of confiscation orders to 128 and had a total of £1,468.409 levied against criminals.

Police were also asked- and responded- to a request about ‘spiking’ of drinks in the Peterborough area.

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In the past year, they confirmed, they had discovered 44 incidents being reported across the whole of Cambridgeshire but do not have a record of what happened in each case.

In some instances the reports noted pubs in Ely and March but most offences either did not specify where or were in Cambridge.

“It is clear that individuals have claimed to have drinks ‘spiked’ but there is very little or no substantive evidence to prove or disprove these allegations,” said a police spokesman.

“Several callers have received medical treatment and some have provided samples but with no conclusive evidence.”

The spokesman said in some cases claims have been made that drinks have been ‘spiked’ to account for “unusual behaviour or circumstances”.

And in respect of public areas for sex, the police said they did not record such information,

“Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate any information to satisfy your request,” said a spokesman.