Police dog who was hit by car on Fenland road makes miracle recovery to return home to trainer

A POLICE dog who was knocked down on a Fenland road has been taken in as a pet by his trainer after making a miracle recovery.

Jack, an 11 month-old German Shepherd, was rushed to the vets with two broken legs and a punctured lung when he was hit by a car in Wimblington Road, March, after he ran out into the road during a walk last week.

But the puppy, who was being trained as a Lincolnshire police dog, made a battling recovery and has now returned to the home of his trainer, Rebecca Mackie.

“He would have been the perfect police dog,” said Miss Mackie, who had been training Jack for several months. “He was very good at tracking and showed good progress during training. “He is very boistrous and lovely and he had high prospects. It was heartbreaking but now hopefully we can give him the best home.”

Jack also had to fight off a bout of pneumonia before he was finally allowed to leave the vets this Tuesday.

“He’s a fighter,” said Miss Mackie. “He’s very big - about 40 kg - but he was looking a bit sorry for himself when we visited him at the vets.

“Everyone is hopeful that he will make a full recovery but he will never be strong enough to be a police dog again.

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“We were always going to take him in, we couldn’t let anything else happen to him. He’s part of the family and everybody who comes to visit falls in love with him because he’s such a character. He’s been spoilt rotten since he’s been home.

“He’s a bit wobbly and he gets tired really easily but he’s back home and that’s the main thing.”

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