Disqualified driver of £100,000 customised BMW i8 abandons electric supercar after spotting police officers in Cambridgeshire

The disqualified driver of this £100,000 BMW i8 supercar abandoned the electric supercar in Cambridg

The disqualified driver of this £100,000 BMW i8 supercar abandoned the electric supercar in Cambridgeshire after spotting police officers. Picture: TWITTER / BCH POLICING - Credit: TWITTER / BCH POLICING

A luxury electric supercar worth more than £100,000 was abandoned in Cambridgeshire at the weekend.

The driver left the customised black and purple BMW i8 in the street after spotting police officers in Cambridgeshire.

They were heading down the A1M in the German supercar - which has a top speed of 155mph - when he made off from the first set of police officers.

It later transpired that the driver was disqualified. They left the car in Peterborough after they saw another traffic police officer.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: "Vehicle made off from officers on the A1M. Came in to Peterborough and the driver abandoned it upon seeing the traffic car.

"Helpfully [the driver] left it unlocked for the recovery. The owner is a disqualified driver which may explain everything."

Driving whilst disqualified is a criminal offence and those accused of committing this offence are often charged as opposed to summonsed.

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You are likely to be prosecuted both for driving while disqualified and driving without insurance and will more than likely have to attend court.

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