Police get ready to clamp down on Wisbech motorists

A FRESH wave of parking tickets has been threatened in Wisbech after a fire engine was prevented from accessing the town centre.

Police have now promised to clamp down on illegal and inconsiderate parking in the town.

“People parking illegally are consistently causing problems for other road users including emergency response vehicles,” said a police spokesman.

Two new officers for the town, PC Adam Pearce and PC Dave Stevens, will be patrolling the town centre along with PCSOs, and issuing �30 fixed penalty notices to any drivers committing an offence.

PC Pearce said: “On a number of occasions over the past few weeks fire engines have been unable to get close to addresses in the Market Place due to other vehicles blocking the road.

“The fire service has been conducting safety checks of various buildings but this kind of irresponsible parking could lead to a tragedy in the case of an emergency.

“We will also be targeting other areas including Hill Street, Blackfriars Road and the area around the Bingo Hall.

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“If you are among the majority of law abiding motorists then you have nothing to worry about, if not you could be receiving a fixed penalty notice.”

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