Police get to the bottom of what happened when 82 year old woman was involved in accident on Wisbech Market Place

A MOTORIST who drove off after reversing into an 82 year-old woman has come off a police ‘most wanted’ list after explaining he went to find her sister in law.

Not only did the motorist find the sister in law, at Horsefair bus station, but then took her to the ambulance station to find out to which hospital his victim had been taken.

“He then drove her to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, stayed there for two hours, and then drove the sister in law back to her home,” explained a police spokesman.

The driver, a 75 year old man, also phoned other relatives and friends of the accident victim.

“The driver identified himself to us on Tuesday afternoon,” said the police spokesman. “He said he didn’t see the woman.”

The accident happened at around 11.20am on Monday outside of Loafers Coffee Shop in the market place and police later issued an appeal to find the driver.

Police say a 999 call was made by a member of the public and the driver, and two market traders, covered the woman with blankets and comforted her until an ambulance arrived.

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It was about half an hour later that police were notified by which time the woman had been taken to hospital and the driver had gone to Horsefair. He asked around for the woman’s sister in law, found her and then took her off.

Police believe the motorist was driving slowly when he reversed into the woman although police still want to find witnesses to verify accounts of the accident.

“The driver is very remorseful,” said the spokesman. “It is unusual, I suppose, for someone involved in an accident to help out the way he did.”

No names of those involves have been released by police who have yet to determine if proceedings will be taken against the driver.

He is unlikely to face prosecution for driving off after an accident although he may be cautioned or charged for driving without due care.

“Mainly we just want witnesses to tell us what happened,” the police spokesman added.