Police issue Spring burglary warning to Fenland homeowners as weather improves

POLICE are urging homeowners in Fenland to check the security of their garden sheds as the weather improves.

Officers are concerned that spring time can often coincide with a rise in thefts from sheds, garages and gardens as people spend more time outside.

Ride-on lawnmowers and expensive power tools are among items that are usually targeted by thieves.

Crime reduction officer Rachel Carr said: “In some cases sheds have been broken into and tools or other equipment within were used to break into a home.

“Burglars have also used a ladder or wheelie bin to get into a property or first floor window.

“Many garden sheds are out of sight in a rear garden. Residents should think about how an intruder might gain access.”

The police’s crime prevention tips include:

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• Always secure sheds and garages with strong locks

• Ideally, secure tools and equipment with a strong chain or keep in secure storage united

• Install a simple alarm device on your shed

• Plant prickly or thorny shrubs beside fences and walls to increase security

• Garden gates should be the same height and as strong as your fence or wall. Fit strong locks on the inside of the gate.

• Securely lock all ladders

• Consider using gravel for paths on driveways and under windows as it is loud underfoot

Valuable items such as power tools can be also be registered for free at www.immobilise.com.

If you would like more information and advice regarding home and shed security visit www.crimereduction.gov.uk or contact Cambridgeshire Police Community Safety Unit on 0345 456 4564

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