Police launch bid to deport Wisbech ‘drunken time-waster’ after ASBO breaches

POLICE have contacted the UK Border Agency in an effort to deport a “drunken time-waster” who has repeatedly breached his anti-social behaviour order.

Juris Dragancuks’ crimes, all committed in Wisbech, include shoplifting, street drinking, abusing members of the public and trying to head-butt a police car.

The 41-year-old was given a two-year ASBO last year banning him from entering Wisbech Town Centre between 8am and 8pm and from possessing an open container of alcohol in a public place.

He was jailed for 10 weeks last month for breaching the order and he was back at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday where he admitted a further breach.

He was sentenced to another 28 days in prison but this will run concurrent to his previous sentence.

Sergeant Dave Bax said: “I can confirm that I have passed the case to the UKBA.

“I am happy that the court has chosen to imprison Dragancuks and give the community a break from this drunken time-waster, who instead of joining our society chooses to exploit and manipulate the system.

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“The police will maintain details of all breaches, and would consider asking the court to extend this order on its expiry.”

Earlier this year, police asked for public help in monitoring Dragancuks and reporting ASBO breaches.

Sgt Bax said Dragancuks had committed more than 20 offences since arriving in the country in 2008 - including stealing and drinking aftershave.

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